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Infinite drop is coming.

We want to thank all active participants of our testnet and will definitely notify all subscribers in advance when this moment comes!

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Get a CYCL Coin

World's first Balanced Cryptocurrency

More then Money

If Bitcoin is a digital decentralized gold, then CYCL is like a digital decentralized dollar.

With its self-regulating emission process, driven by a machine-learned system - Cyclone Blockchain introduces the world's first Universal intercurrency unit.

55M Genesis
21M Reserved
10% Discount

Machine-learned burning system

Layer 1

Currency Unit

Supply Predictions Supply Predictions

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New World — New Rules!

Infinite Loop

Compass Rose

We will divide the Validator licenses into 10,000 unique NFTs, ownership of which means that you will receive a percentage of the of the Network Circulation - constantly for your entire life!

The more actions you take in the network and in society during the Testnet, the more you will reap!

Can you already hear the Thunder?

These simple actions help make our system more perfect!

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Like-mindedness here!

There is nothing impossible, and nothing is incapable of stopping the power of collective creation and creativity.

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Team's Message

We've merely instigated a pulsation chain of human creativity, an invigorating breeze amassing celerity and momentum, a debt owed to the aptitudes of all impassioned contributors and enthusiasts.

This force is now beyond containment, and it cannot be returned to the bottle of temporal confines. We prognosticate Cyclone, an entity adept at instilling a novel creative milieu, poised to metamorphose in a decentralized world, creative juggernaut of a nascent epoch.

Your dominion is universal yet eschews singularity, you an weatherman gazing into the future through the prism of entropy, from the Eye of the Storm. The effulgent spectrum of emotions, forged within our network through your projects and avant-garde solutions, stands as our ultimate remuneration! Post-launch, the reins of control have slipped from our grasp, leaving our mission to be the facilitation of unimpeded ingress for all drawn to the realms of decentralized, collaborative genesis!"

Create without limits.

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If you're a Creator or Developer and need lots of test coins, tell us what you do and request them in the Discord channel #Creators.

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If Bitcoin is a digital decentralized gold, then CYCL is like a digital decentralized dollar

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#CYCL is a new Balanced Cryptocurrency, and Universal intercurrences unit of Cyclone Chain.

Before the MAINNET launch, we will offer the opportunity to purchase it at a discount for those who have reserved it.