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Paradigm Blockchain Technology

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Making a blockchain world Simple. For Everyone.

How Cyclone is Changing Web3

Cyclone is a cutting-edge blockchain with groundbreaking public inclusive solutions designed for users and developers.

What makes Cyclone so special?

We globally simplified and enhanced the development of any Web3 Projects, and eliminating the primary barrier and economic fear for users.

Balanced COIN

Dynamic Emission Model (CEM)


Cyclone presents a disruptive dynamic economic model driven by a machine-learned coin emission system. Native cryptocurrency, follow a market-regulated emission and burning mechanism, adapting to real market conditions. This system is facilitated by responsible and specialized Validators (nodes) who ensure the stability and integrity of the network.

Our mechanism constantly monitors our blockchain to calculate whether and to what extent the coin emission should be inflationary or deflationary. Machine learning in real time ensures the optimal number of our coins - no more and no less than the live network economy requires. This makes Cyclone resilient against all types of economic shifts, internal & external.

#CYCL coin is an entirely new type of cryptocurrency "Balanced". DEM ensures ultra-stability of our currency, making it economically similar to the dollar and world first Universal intercurrency unit. Exceptional stability and a healthy economy for all lead to a positive long-term trend in demand for the network coin. We are the Digital Harbor for any Web3 projects!

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Coinless Interactions Model

No more hassle with GAS & Transactions fee! It's all over!


Cyclone enables interaction with the network without the need to own the native coin, completely removing the entry barrier for new experienced users and eliminating all complexity for beginners. We've rid the world of these limitations!
Fees can be paid in any tokens you prefer, for maximum flexibility and convenience.

Cyclone provides a fixed fee structure, which is financial literacy built into the blockchain. No more hidden costs or rough gas fee estimates! Now, everything is precise, transparent, and it's instantly known, irrespective of network load. This empowers everyone to make informed decisions and plan their budgets accurately.

Welcome to the new and most enjoyable experience of interacting with cryptocurrencies! Leave third-party applications and unnecessary conversions behind, free your mind from all unnecessary calculations and actions! Interact directly with any projects and their NFTs & currencies! Now it's just as simple as in web2.

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Why should I build on CYCLONE?

Quick introduction to differences

Cyclone Logo Cyclone Logo
Ethereum Logo Polygon Logo Solana Logo
Result of Smart Contract Execution
In block
In logs of VM
Virtual Machine Language
Multiple   &   Scalable
Dependent from EVM
Smart Contract Language
Multiple   &   Scalable
Interaction with Blockchain
Coinless Interactions Model Does not torment users and does
not require a native coin.
Possible only with the presence of native network coins in the user's wallet.
Transaction fee
Transparent FEE -   fixed price Not dependent from Market
price or network lode.
NON fixed - Approximate price depending
on network load
Providing OF decentralised randomisation
world's first provider of true decentralized random
Cyclone Logo Cyclone Logo
Ethereum Logo
Level of Decentralization
Very high
Highly user-friendly for beginners and experienced user
Only for experienced user
Yes, without
language restrictions
very restrictive
Yes, but
highly restricted
Smart Contract Capability
Yes, in several languages
with an in-build virtual machine
Yes, but only with
very restricted functionality
Total Supply Dynamic Emission MODEL total supply is not needed
Yes, 100,000,000,000
Yes, 50,000,000,000
Providing OF decentralised randomisation world's first provider of
true decentralized random

The quintessence of 20 years' expertise

POWERING ecosystem, TOOLS AND Innovations FROM a matured team

Sergey Cobs

Sergey experienced Software Architect with over 20 years of expertise and a Master's degree in Math and Computer Science, His pioneering experience in the blockchain industry since 2011 brings invaluable insights and a forward-thinking approach, to Cyclone Ecosystem.

Sergey Cobs CEO & System Architecture

Claudio is a studied physicist and economist with more than 7 years of professional experience in corporate finance, financial modeling and High-Frequency-Trading. His expertise in digital currencies ranges from modeling various Web3 economies to financial controlling of institutional trading companies from Germany and Switzerland..

Claudio Mathematics

Natalia is an experienced Tokenomics Architect with over 6 years of expertise in crafting Token Economy strategies for various projects, including AAA games and eSports betting platforms. Her knowledge in mathematical modeling, probability assessment, and analytical capabilities give Cyclone a harmonious and equitable tokenomic model.

Natali Economy

Esteemed academic and expert in cybersecurity and cryptography, with a Doctor of Sciences in Engineering and a Full Professorship. His career, spanning over two decades, encompasses significant contributions to information security, including co-authoring cryptographic standards. He excels in research areas such as blockchain, post-quantum cryptography, and AI in cybersecurity.

Alexander Mathematics

Ivan, an experienced professional with 20 years of expertise in sales, business development, and project launches. He has a proven track record in developing large-scale IT projects, including the launch of a layer1 blockchain protocol, and is an expert in cybersecurity.

Ivan Business

Entrepreneur with 15 years of expertise in Product and Project Management, holding a Master's in Psychology. A 2-time Founder experienced in managing high-load social-viral enterprise solutions for the gaming industry, and a top-ranked Game Producer in the web3 space..


Senior Lead Golang Developer, Valeriy, brings over 14 years of extensive experience to the team. Holding a master's degree in computer science, he is a recognized expert in Golang and possesses valuable expertise in working with Cosmos SDK and various other blockchain systems.

Valery Development

Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of Software Development company WiseVision, Full Stack developer, Iron man, Co-founder of charity found. Master's degree in Economic and Bachelor in Computer Science. 10+ years experience in development field.

Nikita Development

Sergey is a certified Business Analyst with more than 10 years of solid hands-on experience in defining and leading the development of innovative products. Holding a Master's degree in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, he is also a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Cosmos Ecosystem validator & open source contributor.

Sergey B.Analytic

Tom is a T-shaped product marketing manager with five years of demonstrated experience in a wide range of industries including productivity software, cybersecurity software, engineering intelligence solutions, Web3, etc. Proven ability to develop effective go-to-market strategies and implement measurable changes to improve efficiency, achieve customer satisfaction, and product growth has led Artem to numerous successful projects.

Tom Marketing

Entrepreneur and Crypto enthusiast since 2011, with extensive experience as a Game Designer and Architect of highly profitable game economic models. Possessing a 10-year background in game development and a 6-year track record in Web 3 product development, involved in over 30 gaming projects.

Max Gamefi
Forbes Legacy

The Forbes Web3 Legacy is a initiative that aims to identify and support the next generation of Web3 leaders. Forbes has selected Cyclone Blockchain as a member.

We are excited to embark on this exciting journey with the ForbesWeb3 family of innovators to build better future!

Forbes Legacy Members

IZ Israel CAN Canada UA Ukraine HOL Holland GER Germany POR Portugal


We are positive and transparent individuals, driven by a thirst for innovation, with clear goals - to make the decentralized world a bit better, and with a synergistic experience matching our ambitions.

Teams LinkedIn

What we've done before:

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Millicent Logo
Undeadscom Logo
Bumper Logo
Nextpayway Logo
Deloitte Logo
Citibank Logo
Proj Logo
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Impact of our innovation

& Gaming

Grand Transparency

With an inbuilt Random Number Generator (RNG), the CYCLONE Blockchain addresses a longstanding challenge in the digital gaming and gambling space. No longer will players have to rely on opaque third-party systems for RNG. Everything from card shuffles to dice throws can now be executed with a trustless and verifiable randomness on-chain, revolutionizing provable fairness.


Impact of our innovation


Your project, your token, your users!

Cyclone provides the long-awaited solution for all Web3 projects - now all their users can interact with their projects and currencies directly without the hassle and unnecessary steps! And at the same time, Cyclone significantly reduces costs and streamlines the development process of any decentralized projects.


Impact of our innovation


Next level DAO

With Cyclone, you can leverage a multi-level structure, access control rights differentiation, modular expansion, and process automation through smart contracts. This facilitates more efficient management, reduces risks, enhances transparency, and attracts new participants. Examples of complex DAO structures include DAO managing another DAO, federated governance, and hybrid governance.


Impact of our innovation


Next gen DEFI

Cyclone significantly enhances DEFI projects in multiple ways. It bolsters security with innovative architecture, ensuring protection against hacks and fraud through secure smart contracts. It also improves scalability, supporting high throughput for faster, cost-effective transactions. Additionally, it enables new financial products, making them more accessible through user-friendly onboarding processes.


Reduce costs and simplify development

We Support multiple Virtual Machines


Each VM has a unique identifier and utilizes its own language and mechanisms to manage and execute smart contracts. Some VMs use compiled scripts, while others use scripting languages such as PHP or JavaScript. The default VM in Cyclone blockchain uses JS for smart contracts.
Developers also have the option to propose new VMs.

the birth
of a new market

Pioneer the future with cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

21M+ 21M+

Already on the crest of Cyclone:

Spin Million Logo Techiia Logo Moirai Games Logo Weplay Esports Logo
Funtico Logo Codere Online Logo Playtech Logo Omaha Logo
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Breakfast - Coffee, Lunch - Change the World Game



October 2022


June 2023
  • System Architecture
  • Unique Blockchain Protocol
  • SAI Microservices
  • Blockchain MVP Network
  • Virtual Machine
  • MVP Web Attributes
  • MVP Blockchain Network
  • Smart Contracts
  • MVP Faucet
  • Explorer


January 2024
  • Additional VM functions
  • Testnet development
  • Bridge with Polygon
  • Fee initial model
  • Project Website
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • MVP Wallet Extension
  • Faucet
  • MVP Games Platform
  • Testnet Games
Community Building Airdrop Start


2024 Q3-Q4
  • Stable Economic Model
  • Validators License
  • General Fee Model
Adoption of Partners' Products on Cyclone
  • Build-in JS Plugin Wallet
  • Creators' HUB
  • UPD Games Platform


2025 Q3-Q4
Systematic Development
  • IPFS Cyclone
  • Dynamic NFT Marketplace
  • Launchpad (IGO)
  • New Games
  • Creators' Platform
  • Decentralized Сhat
  • DAO & “Cyclone” FUND
  • Product “Jump”

Join, Build, Invest and Earn

Team's Message

We've merely instigated a pulsation chain of human creativity, an invigorating breeze amassing celerity and momentum, a debt owed to the aptitudes of all impassioned contributors and enthusiasts.

This force is now beyond containment, and it cannot be returned to the bottle of temporal confines. We prognosticate Cyclone, an entity adept at instilling a novel creative milieu, poised to metamorphose in a decentralized world, creative juggernaut of a nascent epoch.

Your dominion is universal yet eschews singularity, you an weatherman gazing into the future through the prism of entropy, from the Eye of the Storm. The effulgent spectrum of emotions, forged within our network through your projects and avant-garde solutions, stands as our ultimate remuneration! Post-launch, the reins of control have slipped from our grasp, leaving our mission to be the facilitation of unimpeded ingress for all drawn to the realms of decentralized, collaborative genesis!"

Create without limits.

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Testnet coins

If you're a Creator or Developer and need lots of test coins, tell us what you do and request them in the Discord channel #Creators.

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Mainnet coins

If Bitcoin is a digital decentralized gold, then CYCL is like a digital decentralized dollar

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#CYCL is a new Balanced Cryptocurrency, and Universal intercurrences unit of Cyclone Chain.

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